Over 300 Years before Pantone, There’s This Impressive 800-Page Color Book

The Pantone Matching System, or simply Pantone, is a proprietary color space that is used by a variety of industries, primarily in the art industry to search and match color systems. Pantone has proved its importance to the lives of graphic designers, artists, and others, for it helps them find the perfect color that they need. Living in the 21st century where everything is instantaneous, the Pantone system really comes in handy for projects to be completed.


Imagine, however, if you are an artist living among Picasso, Klimt, Boticelli, Raphael, Titian, da Vinci, or even the likes of d’Alessandro, the Limbourg Brothers, or d’Arezzo minus the Pantone system? Long before Pantone came to our lives, artists lived in trial and error to find and match the best colors for a certain piece of work. But consistencies varied greatly in trial and error, with preciseness of the essence. That is why a man named “A. Boogert” created a book that taught other artists to mix water colors. He knew the horrors and the frustration of making and finding the correct shade, thus he showed the recipes for how he got to certain hues and tones, and taught how to create and mix such. The color guide book that he created came out 800 pages long, completely hand-written and labeled, with precise, even labels, vibrant colors, and detailed descriptions. The cover page too is a marvel, as is the art within the book. Check some of the pages here:


800-Page Color Book

Color guide made with water colorDetailed and labeled color guide with description