How Photography is Establishing Itself as a Part of Packaging Designs

They say you can’t judge a book by its cover, but with brands becoming more and more competitive nowadays, coming up with excellent packaging is crucial in making your product stand out in the market. And with designs constantly changing, photography has eventually found its way to becoming a part of packaging designs as well.


With photographs able to tell an authentic story in a snapshot, it is changing the face of packaging designs through personalized, beautiful, and emotional hooks on a simple piece of product packaging. With inspiring, emotional, appealing photographs, brands are able to make positive impressions on potential buyers by creating a connection and sealing the deal within the seven seconds that they use in deciding whether to buy the product or not.


To have a clearer visual as to how photography has been making waves in the packaging design industry, have a look at these few interesting designs.


Level Ground Trading

Level Ground Trading does not only have a 100% compostable packaging for their product, its packaging features photos of individuals involved in the production of their coffee as well. With a quote at the back stating that they “shake the hands that pick the coffee”, they show that there is appreciation and value placed on these people in the coffee production industry. Featuring them shows that their hard work, as well as importance in the process, is not ignored and that purchasing the product is a way of showing support for them. This use of photography shows exactly how photographs can create an emotional hook on consumers through a simple piece of packaging.

Great Ocean Road Dairy

Every brand has a way of showcasing their company mission, and for Great Ocean Road Dairy, featuring it on their product’s packaging is an excellent idea. They saw their product’s packaging design as the perfect opportunity to bring their consumers closer to the farm itself, emphasizing that the best food are those that are local and farm fresh. By maximizing photography on the packaging, they also saw it as the perfect way to show the authenticity of their client’s story by using photos from the local family farms where they source their product.

Fast & Fresco

Fast & Fresco aims to shine a new light on how we see ready-made food when we’re in a rush. With a packaging design that uses photographs of the actual product, the freshness and appeal that the actual product itself is able to offer are shown to consumers the moment that they pick up a piece from the shelf.

Designed by Auge Design

It is undeniable that brands have looked towards the use of photographs for their products’ packaging design. With the honesty, credibility, and personal touch that it adds to the marketing appeal of a product, it has become a popular idea when producing a product’s packaging.