Access Pills In A Painless Manner Through Pill Packaging Concept, Called “Pull!”

Have you ever struggled with opening a pill container? Yes? Now, imagine having your joints hurt due to rheumatoid arthritis and then try to open your bottle of pills. Seems painful, right? This same scenario has pushed Budapest-based student designers, Judit Tompa, Ben Kőrös and Krisztina Bozzai to create a new packaging concept for Pfizer’s Feldene pills which allows rheumatoid arthritis (RA) sufferers to easily retrieve a pill due to the packaging’s easy pull to retrieve design.

Conventional Pill Container Image

The design concept which was aptly named “Pull!” aims to provide RA sufferers with an easier way to access pills as opposed to the traditional pill containers. Through pulling the tab, a pill drops off from the container to your palm. The ingenious design lines the pills on a stripe and stores the pills within the roll in an easy to handle container, eliminating the struggle that comes when opening a bottle of pills, giving quick comfort when you need it the most.

The round and sturdy packaging give a no-slip sturdy grip and the pull design provides a one-way pill retrieval which eliminates the chances of foreign objects getting in and out of the packaging, ensuring that the inside remains sterile and untouched.

Revolutionary Pill Container Design Image

The packaging concept is aimed to revolutionize the way RA sufferers access their medicines. Along with eliminating the difficulty of opening a pill bottle, the easy to handle design requires very little handling requiring only a couple of fingers to get a pill, which is phenomenal when compared to other pill containers. The packaging may be a bit on the bulky side and it may not be as light as the other pill containers currently available, but the pros outweigh the cons. When it comes to RA, even the slightest ease of access can provide the most critical and needed relief.

Pill Container with Pulled Tab Image

Pill Dispensed from Pull Image

Hopefully in the near future the concept will turn into a reality!