Outsourcing Copywriting: Look for These Skills

Did you ever consider outsourcing your writing requirements, such as creating blogs, articles, website content, and ad copies? Do you know the skills to look for when hiring a professional copywriter? It takes more than being a skilled writer. A good copywriter is equipped with other skills a professional needs to perform well in the copywriting business.


Having an exceptional writing ability does the job. But let us tell you more about these other skills a copywriter needs to thrive in the copywriting industry and foster good client-staff relationships.


People Skills

Just like any other jobs, an essential part of being a professional copywriter is to build relationships, with both the clients and colleagues. Here at MicroCreatives, our copywriters work with designers and developers, thus good communication and collaboration skills are a must.


Thick Skin

Having thick skin helps us cope especially when our work receives negative feedback or is ignored. Not all of our work will be praised and our colleagues, superiors, and clients will have their own opinion and criticisms about them. We take the judgments as constructive criticisms that help shape us as effective copywriters. We are tough and don’t take things personally. We understand that the criticisms are directed to our work and not us as persons.



A copywriter deals with a wide range of topics and purposes. Our copywriting projects at MicroCreatives range from informational or technical writing, web content and promotional copywriting, to creative writing. It’s important that a copywriter can cover a wide range of topics and write in different approaches.



Since a copywriter is going to be writing copy for different topics, there will be times that a certain topic doesn’t interest him or her personally, or it’s something that we know nothing about. Ironically, it’s our job to make the copy sound interesting and engaging. We deal with this by putting ourselves in the shoes of our topic’s target audience. We think what would excite and persuade them. Our passion for writing makes researching and infusing enthusiasm on the copy easy.


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