Smoother Design to Code Transition through InVision’s Inspect

One of the programs our designers here at MicroCreatives use is InVision, a popular design prototyping app. It serves as one of our project management systems where design is uploaded and shared with everyone involved in the project, including the client, who can provide comment and feedback directly on the platform. This provides for a hassle-free collaboration and feedback process, all in one system.


And just recently, InVision has added smoother design to development workflow to their features through its latest tool, Inspect. The Inspect tool aims to ease collaboration between designers and developers. It allows for a clearer and easier way for developers to get accurate information about the design they are going to convert into code.



When the designer uploads the prototype to InVision and shares it with the developer, the developer can then easily get the code in just a single click. Detailed information will also be available to the developer, including font names, hex codes, dimensions, and more. Another great feature of the Inspect tool is that as the design is being adjusted, so does the code; no missed steps, nothing gets lost in translation.


With the Inspect tool, InVision has now achieved to cover all aspects of the design phase, from moodboards and mockups to prototypes to coding.


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