Sweet Bunnies Hold Chocolate Treasures

We all love chocolate.  Who doesn’t, really?

Most often than not, what excites us more than the actual chocolate (or any item – chocolate or not) is how they are presented. Would you actually think that you could find really good chocolate in a plain beat –up box? Or just in a simple plastic container? A plain cardboard box won’t get you to peek inside right away, right? Something always has to grab hold of our attention first.  This is where good packaging design comes in.

A good packaging design can always work wonders on enhancing the experience of bringing home a product – chocolates in this case.  It’s what we set our eyes on first – setting the mood of excitement, anticipation of things to come – what gems could be hiding inside, what mysteries are there to be discovered.  Great packaging design can even let one experience a product – our chocolates – on a next level.

This is exactly what Canadian Confectionary Chocolats Favoris did to house their tasteful treats last Easter.

Chocolats Favoris

In keeping with the Easter theme, Chocolats Favoris commissioned LG2 Boutique to whip up a delightfully whimsy line of charming boxes made to look like floppy-eared bunnies – two flaps on top of the box pop up like long ears with a forked tab on the front look like bunny’s front teeth.

Chocolats Favoris 2

Still keeping true to the occasion, the confectioner used egg cartons – much like those see in markets and grocers – to house their chocolate eggs.

chocolates in egg trays

LG2 Boutique has done such a great job with its whimsy bunny boxes – it actually won third place in the “Confectionary, Snacks, & Desserts” category at The Dieline Awards 2014.