Tap Into Your Color Psyche

Did you know that color makes a big impact on branding and marketing a product? Its overall effect depends on how we respond to different colors. We’ve made a diagram of how certain colors make you feel and what industry each color is usually suited for.




You can normally tell what company or brand you are looking at by just seeing a color combination. Marc Hemeon has put up an experiment where you look at what he calls “Buttons of the Web” and guess each brand. Maybe you can take a guess yourself.




Choosing the right color palette won’t only strengthen your client’s brand, it will also attract the right people and get the right results. When you ask a client what they want their brand to portray and they answer you with words like “trust”, “loyalty”, “wisdom” you can immediately portray this with color. Just always keep in mind that color has the ability to change our mood but it is very individual and affects different people in different ways.


Answers: 1. Google 2. Yahoo 3. Facebook 4. Amazon