The Better Seller’s Guide: Tips For A Conversion Friendly E-commerce Site

Aside from attracting customer, what is the main point of an e-commerce site?


E-commerce sites are not made just to engage your audience. You are dealing with customers here and you need to make your e-commerce site built from a customer’s point of view. In order to make it more effective, you need to convert your audience more than just engaging them.


Here are more tips on making a conversion-friendly e-commerce site:


Know sells for your target audience

Buying is an emotional decision and you need to use that to your advantage. You have to design your Ecommerce site to fit your target audience needs and get them to decide to purchase from your site. Provide complete product information and photos.


Make your navigations are simple

Make sure that your buttons get your customer from point A to point and nothing in between. Keep in mind that these buttons should easily direct them to your product’s portfolio.


High-resolution photos

Keep your product shots that are crisp and clear. Give your customers the option to zoom in and out of the photos and look at them from different angles.


Detailed and engaging product information

Provide products with engaging copy style. Never doubt the power of a good copywriter’s job.


Call-to-action images

Keep images in your e-commerce site that will persuade your customers to purchase from it.


Product videos

Videos are the closest thing to gaining that product experience. You also have to admit that this interactive feature will entice your customers.




Shopping cart visibility

The convenience of having the shopping cart option everywhere. This will make a difference by making your products always ready for purchasing.



Offer free shipping

Prioritize free shipping over discounts. Your customers will most likely purchase a product more if it’s offered with free shipping.


Take away all those ads

Don’t give your customers a reason to be distracted.




Have a featured products page

Give your customers a clear idea of what they can purchase from your site.


Clearly show discounts and sales

Who doesn’t want a great deal? Not only will this serve as an attention grabber, it will engage your customers in a purchasing mood.


Make your contact details visible

Increase conversion by making sure your contact details are readily available and complete.


Offer more ways to pay

Customers are not always willing to share credit card information. So give them other options to securely transact with you.


Offer advanced search options

Customers like to simplify their purchasing options by color, size, style, and function. Give them the power to easily navigate through your big pile of products.


Simple Ecommerce sites effectively put people in a purchasing mood


Keep it simple

A shopper is looking for a pleasant and convenient shopping experience. Too much and you take away from their desire to even browse through your e-commerce site.