‘The Joy of Sketching’ with Adobe Photoshop Sketch

Learn more about Adobe Photoshop Sketch through a series of entertaining videos that feature information about Sketch and how users can better understand and use it. The series, titled ‘The Joy of Sketching’, was made through Adobe’s partnership with Bob Ross, Inc., and pays tribute to the late Bob Ross, American painter and host of the television show ‘The Joy of Painting’.


For the four-part series, children’s book illustrator Chad Cameron takes Bob Ross’s role. Instead of the usual canvas and paintbrush, Cameron walks the viewers through Adobe Photoshop Sketch using the iPad Pro and Apple Pencil. Just like Bob Ross’s painting tutorials, each episode goes by slowly, and thoroughly goes over parts and uses of the tool featured.


‘The Joy of Sketching’ YouTube series has four parts and aims to help all old and new Adobe and Apple users better understand and use Sketch as well as the iPad Pro and Apple Pencil. The first episode covers the basics of Photoshop Sketch and shows viewers how to create a painting using it. In the second episode, Chad Cameron shows viewers how to work with colors, while the third episode focuses on using custom brushes from the Sketch library. In the fourth episode, Cameron finally finishes the painting and shows how it can be saved as PSD to the Creative Cloud or published in Behance.


Watch the first episode of ‘The Joy of Sketching’ below and continue onto the next episodes in the playlist.



Artists, including our design team at MicroCreatives, will find the Adobe Photoshop Sketch really handy as it is available for iPhone, iPad, and iPad Pro, and can be downloaded through the App Store. It helps create expressive drawings that look like paintings and uses natural drawing tools such as pencils, pens, markers, and watercolor brushes. With Sketch, you will get the same textures and blending effects you desire as they are on actual paper.