The Magic of Adobe’s Dehaze Tool

No one likes blurry and bland images or photos especially with atmospheric haze. Launched just this June 2015, even beginner Photoshop users can now make their photographs pop with the Dehaze feature for Adobe Photoshop CC and Lightroom CC. When you have a raw image that has a lot of potential and you know can be improved, then the Dehaze tool will do the trick!


Tom Mackintosh, a New Zealand-based photographer played around with this software tool on an image he had taken of a starry night sky while in the outer suburbs of Auckland. The untouched image he took was flat and unclear with a great amount of light pollution.


With simple manipulation that includes adjusting the tone, noise, color, and sharpness of the image, along with the application of the Dehaze tool, Mackintosh managed to spruce up the image from this:

raw starry night sky by Tom Mackintosh

Unedited (ISO 3200, 24mm, f2.8m 20-second exposure)

to this:

adjusted image by Tom Mackintosh

Adjusted tone, noise, color, and sharpness; without Dehaze

and after the Dehaze tool was applied, to this:

Adobe’s Dehaze applied

Adobe’s Dehaze tool applied and set to +74. Additionally, the powerline has been omitted with Photoshop.

The Dehaze slider or Dehaze in Camera Raw 9.1 can be found in the Effects panel of Lightroom CC, with the slider reducing and ultimately removing haze as you slide farther to the right. In some cases, the image saturation may increase when playing around the with the Dehaze slider. It may be better to lessen the saturation beforehand then apply the Dehaze effect.


The Dehaze technology is known to have been based on how light behaves normally, how it is transmitted as well as how it varies and affects the picture’s composition. With the Dehaze tool, it is possible to remove haze (mist, fog, among other obscurations), or add haze, to the original picture.


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