Tips on Designing for Your Target Audience

Can you come up with designs that look and feel like a million bucks? I’m sure you can! At this point, I’m sure you already have an idea about what’s cool and eye-catching.  But are you sure that you’re reaching the right people when you make designs? Are you sure that the nets you’re sending out to that vast ocean can catch the right kind of fish?

This blog will give you the lowdown on what you need to know when designing for your target audience.


What are the basics?

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Educational Background

Having a specific age group or a specific gender in mind will give you an idea of how your audience will respond to your designs. Usually, brighter colors work for children, and eye-soothing tones are better for older audiences.


But don’t be afraid to break the rules. Remember, knowing your audience’s demographics can help you figure out your design, but it’s not all that matters.  Some women also like neutral or dark colors, not just pink.


What style works for them?

Know what your target market wants. Figure out their likes and dislikes. Some markets prefer designs that focus more on images and illustrations, while others are fine with text-heavy layouts (e.g. websites for literary magazines). Learn what approaches work for your audience and be as specific as possible.


Consult with your clients or try to get feedback from your target audience. Some companies do this by using surveys, case studies, or beta-testing. Remember, the more you know about them, the better you can tickle their fancy.


What are their technical preferences?

This mainly applies to website design.  Which kind of browsers do your audience use? Which gadgets do they normally have? Knowing how your design will display on different platforms and different programs will let you see where you can safely place different elements on the page.


Furthermore, some audiences like simpler, more static websites, while others like more interactive ones. Choose and identify what goes best!


But besides knowing your target audience, you should:


Represent Your Company

Aside from making designs that will send your target audience to their knees, be sure to present the company you’re designing for. Be sure to communicate their message in a way that their target market will easily understand. Carefully positioned navigation on a company website, for example, can attract immediately their attention.


Have a Working Knowledge of Color Theory

Knowing color theory will help you figure out which colors apply to the company you’re designing for. Colors also speak about the brand that you are designing for, cool colors like blue, green and purple, for example, are calming and relaxing. Look up lessons online and learn the fundamental principles. Aside from the content that you add to your website, colors can play a big role in communicating with your target market.

Did you know?

Image taken from


Adding SpongeBob Squarepants to a cereal box design sent the cereal boxes flying off the shelves! It just goes to show how crucial it is to choose designs that cater to your target audience.


Go for the Bull’s Eye

Designing for your target audience is like going for the bull’s eye. Calibrate your design to hit your target audience like how an archer calibrates his bow to hit the mark.


How about you? Were there any interesting audiences you had the pleasure of designing for? How was it?