5 Tips to Improve and Add Creativity to Your Workspace

There are different ways for you to improve your workspace so it brings about creativity. This is a little subjective, but according to past research and studies, it’s suggested that ample style and design is best in a workspace to keep productivity and creativity high.


Did you know that there’s a waking state called the Hypnopompic state, which has long been coveted by artists due to its ability to awaken a “state of creativity”. During the state, creativity occurs more freely. Known father of surrealism Salvador Dali was known to ‘recreate’ this state to inspire his paintings. When he tries to conjure dreamlike imagery from his subconscious, he would just place a tin plate on the floor next to his chair. While seated on the chair holding a spoon over the plate, he would let his body relax and drift off to sleep. As soon as the spoon hits the tin plate with a loud “CLANK” he’d wake and try to paint whatever images he saw during his relaxed Hypnopompic state.


There are other ways to enrich creativity, not just within one’s self but also within the workspace. You don’t really have to work for overly creative companies like Google, Adidas, Trivago, Yelp, LinkedIn, Airbnb, and their chic and interesting office spaces to see a spike in your work creativity. You can still bring the creativity back into your own office workspace with these tips:


Display prominent pieces but do not clutter

Your desk should be organized enough to avoid distractions, but it should also be inspiring enough for you to be able to draw inspiration from when needed. If you happen to be one of the people who gather inspiration from having random images and items on your desk, then you may appreciate having a mood board or an inspiration board.


A research conducted by Exeter University’s School of Psychology stated that a significant number of office workers found that they’re more productive, happier, and healthier when they’re given control over the design and layout of their workspaces. Art in workspaces isn’t merely decorative anymore. The notion has been dispelled by a survey conducted where more than 800 employees from approximately 32 companies have noticed a change in pace when art is within their workspaces. Art reduces work stress, encourages the expression of opinions, and most importantly, increases creativity!


Work with the lighting and incorporate elements of home

Workspace lighting is one of the many important factors of an office, but also often overlooked. According to a study by the American Society of Interior Design, 68% of employees end up being unhappy with their office lighting situation. While natural lighting will always be a better option than artificial lighting, strong bright lights in an airy office may not be conducive to creativity. It’s the least likely culprit you’ll think of, but yes, lighting does have a drastic effect on creativity. Additionally, reports by Dr. Anna Steidle of the University of Stuttgart and Lioba Werth of the University of Hohenheim say “Darkness increases freedom from constraints, which in turn promotes creativity.” If your office allows it, dim the lights a little.


Some think that introducing elements of home into your workspace will make you feel more comfortable, in turn, helping with getting creativity to flow. Very rarely are there any homes with strong lights. If anything, space feels more like home if you’re given more freedom to express your personality and style (that means having enough leeway to play with lighting, seating, decoration, and the like).


Introduce life and color, put up a mini garden

If you’ve ever been one to study color theory, you’d know the importance of different tones and how they create different reactions. Designer Kelsey Clark reminds that “Red affects the body, blue affects the mind, yellow affects self-confidence, and green affects the balance between mind, body, and emotions.”


Bring in a bit of color through plants. Green is known to affect the balance between mind, body, and emotions. Plant life is known to not only ‘liven up’ space but also helps reduce stress and increase productivity. According to Fast Company’s Jane Porter, “Incorporate plants into the workspace, sit near a window with a view of trees outside, or simply add touches of green to the color scheme of the space…” Don’t fall into the trap of bringing in fake plants just for the aesthetics. Plants, together with their ability to make any space appealing, can also help get rid of accumulated CO2 inside your office space. If you have never been one to take care of plants, pick ones that are super low maintenance, like succulents.


Music and areas for collaboration

Let’s be honest, not all offices (or staff members) will be okay with music playing in the background. But just in case your workplace is good with a little music, it’s good to invest in a decent office music system and streaming service. The music system eliminates the instances of individuals trapped and isolated in their headphones.


If the office has an available area for collaboration, perhaps it would be safe to play a little music in there. Collaboration areas are great since “creativity is contagious”, as Albert Einstein would say. Creativity thrives when more people get together and share ideas. Combine music and an accessible conference/collaboration room and you’ve got yourself a winner!


Free food and drinks

Might be a bit of a stretch to expect companies to provide free snacks to its employees, but we can all wish, right? If you’ve ever heard of the term “hangry” (a portmanteau of hungry and angry), you’ll understand that some people do not function well when hungry. They get irritable, and in turn, may also hinder the flow of creativity. If your company cannot and will not provide free snacks, suggest easy access to food and drinks. Having adequate intake of food and water help with keeping you alert. Dehydration can trigger headaches, while any sort of discomfort can stop getting you in a zone where ideas and creativity flow freely.



Just remember that you have the power to set yourself up for long-term creative success. Spend enough time understanding your needs and help cultivate creativity with the tips mentioned above. Whenever you feel like you lack the needed creativity to get certain jobs done, know that MicroCreatives is always ready to pick up design, copywriting, web development, and animation projects that require just the right amount of enthusiasm and creativity. As an outsourced creative team based in the Philippines, we live and breathe creativity. Our creative processes are always bespoke to fit with your business.