Top UI Trend Forecast for 2017

The web industry and everything that goes along with it moves at a very quick pace. That includes UI design; just like fashion, design goes with different trends, too. It’s important for designers to catch up with the direction the trend goes because it could be a vital key to gaining and/or maintaining users. UI design is not only made for visuals, anyway, but for the most part, the satisfaction of your users, too.

The year 2016 saw UI trends like parallax scrolling, immersive video, and design storytelling enjoy success throughout the year and it looks like they aren’t going away in 2017.


Jamie Leeson from digital publisher Creative Bloq predicts that the strength of these styles will likely remain and continue to be widely used across the UI landscape. Leeson listed down 10 important UI trends that will make an impact next year.


They include:

  1. Immersive, full-screen video – video and full-screen imagery sets the tone and looks good with creative typography.
  2. Long-form content and scrolling – great for linear presentation of content and works well on all devices.
  3. Gradients and vivid colors – when the right colors are used, gradients and vivid colors help add energy and dynamism to the message and tone of the content
  4. Illustrations – offers versatility and can be easily customized to fit the brand or message’s personality and tone.
  5. Breaking the grid – ‘break the grid’ to create out-of-the-box creative options.
  6. Parallax – dynamic and engaging, thoughtful and careful use of parallax goes well with imagery, typography, and a more fluid layout.
  7. Cards – amidst dynamic layout, cards are great for organizing content especially for smaller screens.
  8. Micro-interactions – they allow for a more engaging interface and a user-friendly navigation.
  9. Typography – gives brands and designers more freedom to experiment and add creativity and personality to the content.
  10. Experimental navigation and menu – experimental navs allow for a more fun user experience, but take note that gimmicks should not hinder the usability.

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