9 iPad Apps Designers Should Have

We’ve come a long way since pen and paper and bulky computers. Now work can be done right at our fingertips. Technology has made everything convenient for us that we can do work even when we are away from our desks. Before, there were laptops and notebook laptops that we can bring anywhere. Then came tablets and smartphones that are more portable, loaded with apps that make life easier and more manageable.


For designers, having a tablet, typically an iPad, is almost a must. You wouldn’t know when inspiration will strike, so better be always ready with your iPad to input your ideas and quickly draw sketches. But more than the actual drawing and designing, designers definitely need more tools to help with their productivity.


Improve your life as a creative professional and make the most out of your iPad! We’re pretty sure you already know and use the drawing and graphic design editing apps, so in this article, we have listed nine other apps that can help you with your job overall. The suggested apps below should integrate seamlessly into your workflow.


Adobe Comp CC

Users of Creative Cloud should not miss installing Adobe Comp CC on their iPads. Adobe Comp CC is for creating mockups and wireframes for digital and print designs. With this app, you can export designs through Creative Cloud, to other CC programs, such as Photoshop CC, Illustrator, and InDesign. Adobe Comp CC can be downloaded for free.


Duet Display

If one screen is not enough, then Duet Display is the solution. This app provides dual-screen capabilities between your iPad and your Mac or PC. Developed by Rahul Dewan, Duet Display connects through Lightning or 30-pin cables, with full support for Retina and touch. This app aims to help with multitasking by letting you work between two displays without having to switch between multiple tasks. Duet Display can be purchased in the App Store at $9.99.



According to its website, “If typography were a religion, this would be the Bible,” and we couldn’t have said it better. Monotype GmbH’s app, FontBook, is a typographic reference tool covering approximately 37,000 typefaces from more than 8,000 font families. This app allows the user to access over 730,000 typeface samples that can be browsed, layered, moved, and combined. Available for $4.99, FontBook is the most comprehensive reference of its kind in the world.



There are a lot of other note-taking apps out there and some are even free, but what makes Noteshelf stand out? Developed by Fluid Touch Pte. Ltd., Noteshelf works as a digital equivalent of a sketchbook, where you can write, doodle, and take notes. But more than that, the app can also combine typed, audio, and handwritten notes. You can also annotate documents and images through Noteshelf, as well as choose custom paper designs that best suit your variety of creative needs. Noteshelf comes at a price of $9.99.


Parallels Access

Even with all these apps, desktop features are still irreplaceable. Install Parallels Access on your iPad to remotely access your Mac or PC applications and files. Parallels Access renders your desktop apps as native apps through its Applification technology. Parallels access can be downloaded for free and offers in-app purchases.



This natural media app is very responsive, especially on the newer versions of the iPad. Procreate is a sketching, painting, and illustration app specially designed for a mobile device. One of its most outstanding characteristics is that it’s powered by Silica M, the fastest 64-bit painting engine on iOS. Procreate can also work with the Apple Pencil. Download Procreate from the Apple App Store for $9.99.



Slack basically works like an instant messenger, but integrated with file-sharing programs, such as Dropbox and Google Docs. This communication and collaboration app saves more time compared to exchanging feedback and files through email and is especially ideal when you are working with your iPad so you wouldn’t have to switch apps to share files and check messages from your teammates. Slack can be downloaded for free, with some limitations.


Things 3 for iPad

Don’t let the powerful features of this task manager app overwhelm you. Despite its comprehensive features and sophisticated interface, Things 3 is surprisingly easy and enjoyable to use. For just $13.99, download Things 3 and let it organize your life as a creative professional.



Trello works as a tool for getting stuff done while staying on top of things. With Trello, everything is kept as neatly and organized as possible. This project management app also allows you to invite people, in case you’re collaborating on projects together. It also works with Apple Watch and iMessage. Download Trello for free.


Have you been already using these apps? Let us know what you think! You can also make a suggestion of other useful iPad apps.


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