Try These Unique Fonts for Your Logo Design

It is not an easy task to look for the font family that would be perfect for your brand. The seemingly endless hunt for just the font that depicts what your brand is about is a tedious task, add in the many considerations you have to think about regarding your brand’s identity, the business itself, and the design elements.


Branding and digital marketing expert Laura Busche recommends a few unique font families that have the four crucial factors in brand typography – distinction, readability, flexibility, and timelessness. The font families are divided into brand categories, representing 5 different industries – fashion, consulting, lifestyle, tech, and hospitality – as she considers these industries to have different audiences.


Let’s take a look at the font families that Laura Busche deems perfect for brand typography. Click on each image for more information about the font and how to purchase.


Fashion Brands

A fashion brand’s logo should represent exclusivity, elegance, and extensibility. Also take note that your logo will be applied across different collaterals such as bags and boxes, print, and web.



Prestiggio font family


Sweet Sucker Punch

Sweet Sucker Punch font family



Filson font family


Ale Pro

Ale Pro font family



Wayfarer font family


Consulting Brands

The prominent traits that should be present in logos and typography of consulting brands are trustworthiness and solidity. The font family must also exude professionalism and competence.



Argent font family



Venti font family


Corporative Soft

Corporative Soft font family


Anaheim Gothic

Anaheim Gothic font family


Venice Serif

Venice Serif font family


Tech Brands

Logo and brand typography for tech brands need to represent reliability, modernity, and stability. Furthermore, with the saturation of businesses and products in the tech industry, and as an industry that denotes innovation, the number one priority in choosing typography for these brands should be how each brand will stand out from its competitors.


Halis Rounded

Halis Rounded font family


Odudo Soft

Odudo Soft typeface


Univia Pro

Univia Pro typeface



Monopoly typeface.


Power Grid 2.0

Power Grid 2.0 typeface


Lifestyle Brands

Lifestyle brands are often seen with a sense of aspiration, making you feel that if you purchase a certain lifestyle brand’s product, service, or content, it will fill a certain void in your life. Fitness brands and food businesses fit into this category.


Booster Next FY

Booster Next FY typeface


Merry Light

Merry Light typeface



Oregon font family



Showcase typeface


Palm Canyon Drive Deluxe

Palm Canyon Drive Deluxe typeface


Hospitality Brands

Hospitality brands include businesses such as hotels and restaurants. Logos and brand typography for these kinds of businesses should make consumers feel welcomed and the ideas of comfort, tranquility, and joy should be employed in the brand’s identity.



Selly font family



Freestyle font family


Candlescript Pro

Candlescript Pro font family


Real Talk

Real Talk font family


Le Gourmet

Le Gourmet typeface


Along with the right typeface and style, don’t hesitate to play around with your logo design such as with the font and icon placing, and layout, among other elements. You can also always ask for a professional’s help, so you can focus on other business priorities such as creating good customer relationships and improving your products/services. MicroCreatives will help you with your creative marketing needs, such as logo design and branding and identity. Consult with our creative team to help you choose the best font family for your branding typography along with other design, development, video and animation, and copy and content concerns.