Typography and Fonts: A Short Guide

Who would have thought the way we design letters have its own set of terms? But as we encounter typography design and fonts on a daily basis – designer or not – there is so much to learn about them. It might seem trivial as they are basically text, and while they are a valuable design element, it is a known fact that font choices are integral to the brand itself: what it represents, what it symbolizes.


You might have heard of or know what ‘kerning’, ‘serif’, ‘sans serif’, ‘x-height/line’  are, but do you know what a ‘tittle’ is? How about a ‘spur’? A ‘ball terminal’? Besides, did you know that fonts have their own technical codes? These codes relate to the construction of fonts as we know it.


In an infographic below, The Logo Company has laid out the A to Z of typography terms to familiarize yourself with important words in typography and fonts.



Guides like this help us in MicroCreatives and other creative agencies communicate and collaborate well with each other, especially when discussing creative projects with non-creatives like clients and marketing or account managers. Everyone involved in creative processes, not just the designers, writers, and developers, can benefit from knowing the basics in order to avoid any misunderstanding.