How Visitors Search Inside a Website


Applying Google Analytics to measure a website’s performance is helpful in working for the success of an online business. It is not enough, however, to just determine how the website is bringing in visitors and generating leads; one must also look into the inner functions of Google Analytics, which are often unnoticed by many website managers. One of these inadvertently ignored attributes is the Site Search, a potentially important tool that analyzes the keywords and phrases put into the search box on the website itself.


What is the Function of a Website Search Box?

A website with more than five pages of different types of content can be difficult to go through, even with detailed tabs. Some, if not several, visitors would often look for an internal search box where they can enter specific terms of items or pages they are looking for.


Various types of search boxes are available for online businesses. One of the most useful and common to use is the Google Search Box. This allows visitors to find the right page of the website where the keywords they need are located. Visitors often use this function, especially when looking for certain items they cannot immediately find on the home page or product page.


What Can I Do with Site Search on Google Analytics?



Looking for the Site Search function on Google Analytics is easy. One simply has to go to the Behavior tab, where Site Search is placed. A usage report can be generated here to find out how many sessions included search activity in comparison to those that did not use it. One can then see what people are looking for at the Search Terms report.


Online marketers who have done their homework on Site Search, on the other hand, can identify which users started searching on the Pages report. This will show what the Pages visitors will likely see on the search results page.


One can then determine the satisfaction of visitors with the result of their searches from the ‘% Search Exits’ metric provided on many of the reports. This shows the percentage of searches in which the visitor simply left the website after searching instead of clicking any of the page results offered.


These are not the only functions of Site Search, as marketers can also use it to apply Segments. These categorize what types of search visitors from a certain location did. If, for example, the business is targeting customers specifically from New York, a segment for New York can be made. The data from this can help marketers find out the search intent of visitors from that physical location.


How Soon Can I See Positive Results for my Business?


Like any online analytics feature, the value of Site Search is not easily quantifiable. It is only one of the functions of the Google Analytics to help businesses grow online, making it necessary for businesses to learn how to interpret the data shown to them by the analytics and apply the right solutions, so the website can be maximized in obtaining specific marketing goals.