We’ve Got Your Back!

It’s certainly been a long week for the Philippines. A slew of bad news about flood victims came with the heavy downpour of rain that lasted more than a week. Many areas, especially in and around Metro Manila, were badly affected and are still recovering from the floods. Thankfully, the skies have started to clear up and the sun is finally shining through the past days’ dark clouds.


As part of its corporate social responsibility efforts, MicroSourcing announced that beginning August 9, donations of cash and relief goods will be accepted for affected employees, their families, and the rest of the community.

All sites are involved in this city-wide relief effort as boxes are already in place to accept food products such as canned goods, instant noodles, water, and medicine. Likewise, finance and management will accept donations in cash.

Your help will go a long way towards helping communities in rising up to this latest challenge.