When Less is More

Minimalism conveys more of the message with fewer images. Some very effective designs, movie posters, artwork, and even branding are not packed with photo-manipulated images; instead, they take one striking element and make it the highlight of the design.


Take a look at these reimagined movie posters and product packagings given the minimalist treatment.


There has been a trend towards minimalism in online and offline publications since 2011. Although it can be said that minimalist concepts never died but have been revived and are spreading to even the most popular brands that we know. Minimalism is focused on the basics of the design, negative space, typography, and the careful use of a few colors that are thoughtfully merged together.


Artwork by Dave Hooper

Artwork by purityofessence

Artwork by Linda Hordijk

Artwork by Jason Heatherly

Design by Antrepo

Design by Antrepo

Design by Antrepo