Witty Posters of Graphic Design Puns

We all love puns – they’re everywhere. And you know what else is everywhere? Unfortunately, bad design. But instead of getting annoyed, we might as well reinforce the best principles in design by adding humor to it. We read tons of stuff about what makes a design aesthetically pleasing and efficient but when we talk about the opposite, it’s usually boring. Maybe that’s why some people keep doing them; because they don’t catch our attention.


Calling out some of the commonly bad practices with some great puns is the theme of “Graphic Design Pun Cards” – a set of colorful, minimalist cards made by marketing and promotions assistant Sara Heffernen. Designed with some low-key graphics and hilarious play at typography to illustrate the puns, the cards present different issues that graphic designers normally encounter not just at work, but also in regular environments.


See some of the cards below:

bad kerning can never be justified

are you getting mad yet?

common sense or comic sans

get with the times, new roman

oh, crop

These puns may be funny, but bad design is not. Prevent bad design from happening by getting help from professional, knowledgeable, and experienced designers. Here at MicroCreatives, our talented graphic designers are quirky and creative, but never have bad taste.