10 Witty Posters with Graphic Design Puns

Sometimes, a good laugh is all you need to turn a bad day around. With jokes and puns everywhere, there’s always a chance to laugh your heart out, don’t you think? To help those in need of a break get a good laugh, Dubuque-based marketing executive Sara Heffernen came up with a few puns on design terms that will definitely keep you laughing and wanting more.


More than sharing the good vibes, these witty designs are an effective way of bringing awareness on bad design as well. Because, other than a bad mood, there’s one more thing that has no space in this world, and that is bad design. Thus, giving the reinforcement of design’s best principles a huge twist, Sara came up with these humor-filled designs to make remembering them more interesting. Get ready to smile and laugh your heart out by taking a look at these few posters below.


Caution: HOT

crop it like it's hot


It’s all about having fun!

don't stop me from having a helvetica good time


Agree or disagree?

bad kerning can never be justified


Tough choice to make indeed

common sense or comic sans


Aww, isn’t that sweet?

i am very font of you, because you are just my type


We have to know, how do you like your coffee?

i like my type the way i like my coffee - black


Gotta keep up, don’t you think?

get with the times, new roman


Hmm, have you seen it too?

i have seen the futura and it is beautiful


We love confidence!

i am not fat i am bold


We just can’t get enough of the “crop” jokes!

oh, crop


We hope these witty posters got to put a smile on your faces. And while these are undeniably entertaining, bad design is never funny. So, to spare yourself from the worry of encountering a bad design, get help from the experts! The monsters of MicroCreatives are not only talented, quirky, and creative, they never have bad taste too. Learn more about our services by reaching out and have your creative projects started in no time.