10 Smart Alternatives to Stock Imagery

Are you looking for stock image alternatives? Stop being stock photo reliant and learn how you can get around stock image costs with these innovative and cost-effective methods suitable for any website.


Do-It-Yourself Photos

There’s a saying that if you want something done right, do it yourself. Same goes with web images. In our day and age, most phones are equipped with high-quality cameras. Snap and collect images that can be used and you’re good.



Infographics is a visual image, such as a chart or diagram, used to represent information or data; infographics are another easy alternatives to stock images.


Copyright-free Images

There are photo sharing websites that offer images under an attribution license. Websites such as Flickr, and the like, offer images free to download or use, as long as you credit the image creator.


Student Illustrator Contracts

Another win-win alternative to stock imagery are inexpensive and easily obtained original illustrations care of student graphic designers who are able to do high-quality work for a reasonable fee. Also very helpful when you’re on a budget, sometimes there are student illustrators who will be happy to provide images in exchange for their professional experience.


Offshore Illustrator Contracts

An option relatively close to student illustrator contracts is offshore illustrator contracts. Look into offshore agencies that offer creative outsourcing, such as MicroCreatives, to reach contract workers for easily sourced high-quality work often for a fraction of the cost of a local contractor. Be sure to get the online contractor with the best portfolio and rating from their previous work.


Free Image Library Collections

Image libraries can be a bit tricky since they also feature stock photos. But most of the time those images are all free for the taking! Check out the sites’ respective terms and conditions and you’re good to go!


Making Do Without Imagery

Nowadays, minimalist website designs are a trend. Make do of this trend and use as little imagery as you can.


Use Videos to Replace Images

The internet is at your disposal. Use embedded videos from sites like YouTube to liven your website without images. Get videos based on relevance, quality, and entertainment. It is also easier for your page visitors to spend time on your site without them knowing.


High-Quality Free Stock Photos

When looking for the perfect images for your website, Getty Images offers over 35 million stock photos that are free to use. But being free, users are only allowed to place these images on non-commercial websites, or non-profit interests such as charities, blogs, etc.


Do-It-Yourself Drawing or Illustration

Along with the thought if you want something done right, do it yourself, drawing or making your own illustrations can be done as well. With this, you are able to customize your images while showing your own skills through a high-quality image even your mom will be proud of.


BONUS: Free High-Quality Photography Websites

These websites offer photography stock photos for free. You can visit websites such as Unsplash, Picjumbo, Getrefe, and more.