Social Media’s Rules of Engagement

Making your company stand out and making its mark is hard. Thanks to social media, many companies can now reach their target market and potential clients through cost-effective means. Looking closely at the trend, however, some does it better than others. A look on a particular Facebook page and you’ll see that a particular post has innumerable shares, and that the comments section is brimming with remarks, or that it has a lot of followers since majority care to hear what they would post.


How would you ensure that you would get the same kind of reaction to that of other company’s successful social media story and catch the attention of potential clients?


Be socially relevant

Getting your message across is good enough, but eliciting feedback from your audience is better since this is where you can slowly strengthen and intensify the engagement. One of the effective means of eliciting feedback is creating campaigns and making them viral. The audience always loves something to talk about, so you better give them something relevant to talk about. This is the social media rule number one: be socially relevant. Campaigns may be about anything under the sun – pop culture, social events, name it, and try in any way possible to associate your company with it.


Here’s an infographic on different types of engagement, ranging from the lowest to the highest engagement.


types of social media engagement


Each engagement caters to a specific approach. Finding out what will work best with your audience is entirely up to you.


Remember that the objective of the campaign is to raise awareness among the audience, and getting them to support your cause. Dip in with the social issues of the campaign, make them understand its significance, and back it up with good infographics, catchy, yet meaningful words, and entertaining visuals to make it more engaging. Let infotainment be at its best and let your followers do the rest (of spreading the campaign like wildfire).


Be a social listener

Or maybe even without the campaign, you can still adopt this method in order to know your audience’s preferences. Continue getting to know them better, find out what they are most likely to respond to, whether they like serious or funny stuff. After rounding up their interest, you can now come up with relevant posts they are most likely to respond with since it is attuned to their interest. This is social media rule number two: be a social listener, tug their hearts, and they’ll reward you with lots of heart-warming posts, likes, shares, pins, and tweets.


spreading the campaign's influence


Now that the rules for social engagement have been laid down, do you now have the guts to make it work and get your audience, or possible clients’ “yes, I do (would like to share your posts)?”