Design and Copywriting: An Inspired Alliance

If a copywriter and a designer are having issues and cannot work together, the client will face problems with the project. The end design will not work with the copy; the copy will not go well with the design; the end product gives mixed messages; or worse, the message does not come across at all.


According to an article by Jessica Mehring, a professional writer, editor, and director of Horizon Peak Consulting, the partnership between a copywriter and a designer is an important collaboration which greatly influences the success of any web project.


Keep in mind that a successful partnership requires the three Cs: Concept, Collaboration, and Communication.


Design and Copywriting Comparison

Designers and copywriters, like apples and oranges, are different yet are part of the same fruit bowl!


The first thing that the designer and copywriter must determine is the client’s end goal.

  •  Figure out the client’s audience and what the client wants to tell them.
  • Does the client want to create a new website? Or do they want to improve their current website?
  • Does the client’s main goal entail visuals with a bigger impact or is the focus on improved content marketing?

The most ideal way to determine a client’s overall concept is by having the designer, the copywriter, and the client talk over the phone or meet in person. It is usually the project manager who coordinates this, but if there is no acting manager, either the copywriter or the designer must set up this meeting. Always clarify all the details of a project; one misunderstanding can be the cause of mistakes, frustration, and a dissatisfied client.



To please a client, a copywriter and a designer have to collaborate. Both parties must cooperate to produce something that will meet all of the client’s end goals.


A project can start in two ways: the copywriter can write for the project first to give the designer something to base their work on, or the designer can start first so the copywriter can have something to base the copy on.



It’s not recommended for designers and copywriters to keep to themselves once they begin working on a project. Both parties must keep in contact all throughout the project.


An Inspired Alliance

Collaborations between writers and designers can produce great projects. A great design can enhance a copy, and a well-written copy can bring attention to a design.


Keep the concepts in mind, work with your partner, and keep in contact as you work on a project. A solid partnership between a copywriter and a designer will always give satisfied clients fantastic results.