10 Striking Presentation Templates for PowerPoint

Remember how PowerPoint presentations in school or at work can get very dull, design-wise? With its seemingly one-dimensional templates and limited, outdated styles, we’ve gotten used to it and the idea of uniquely designed and engaging templates might seem uncommon. That’s why no matter how organized the content is and how concise the information is, people will find it hard to focus on your presentation with a boring graphic layout.


However, there are available Microsoft PowerPoint templates that are visually appealing and will fit various types of presentation that you may give. More so, they come fully customizable according to your preferences.


Below are 10 stellar PowerPoint templates. Click on their titles to purchase and download.


KASPIAN PowerPoint Template

kaspian template


Helium PowerPoint Template

helium template


URAP PowerPoint Template



Wolf Minimal PowerPoint Template

wolf minimal


Minus Minimal PowerPoint Template

minus minimal


Mesa – Elegant Presentation

mesa - elegant


Rivka Minimal Powerpoint Template

rivka minimal


Alveo Minimal PowerPoint Template

alveo minimal


Phoenix Minimal PowerPoint Template

phoenix minimal


Martik PowerPoint Template

martik template


Here at MicroCreatives, our designers don’t only work on Adobe programs for design projects; we design PowerPoint presentations, too! Choose a template that you like or we will customize the presentation to suit your requirements, particularly if you have a branding or style that should be followed.