Content Marketing: Three Ways to Improve Brand Awareness

With everything going digital now, many companies are investing in making campaigns and ads for getting their services and products in the online mix.


There are certain ways brand awareness is being disseminated throughout the web. And for content marketing, it can be identified into three types.

  1. Blogs
  2. Visualization and interactivity
  3. Side product marketing


The simplest type of content marketing, blogs make it is easy for businesses to produce and disseminate information about their new products, latest trends, and “how-to” contents on their website. Businesses can easily outsource a copywriter or build articles from scratch based on the information provided.


Blog articles can be easily produced and can invite a number of visitors to a website. Adding images and videos on blog posts can also make them more interesting and can help boost product marketability. Producing blog articles are cheap and with these, you can curate newsletters to send periodically to make sure your brand circulates in the social mix.


Visualization and interactivity

This type of content marketing is all about how content is delivered. Presenting information in a creative manner that you entice your audience with is a smart and direct way of getting your brand known. Here are some of the stand-out ways you can market your brand:



This is perfect for visualizing data, such as statistics and other information that have the tendency to become less interesting when presented without a graphic companion.



There is no better way to add some motion and fantasy to your content than with animation. It creates a fun and exciting experience for your audience while they are discovering your brand.



Trends of incorporating videos to web design have started since 2013 and many brands have been adapting to the style. Making an “about video” and tutorials on how to use your products can increase your brand’s popularity.


Quizzes and surveys

Creating something that would generate user interaction is a great way to market content. Quizzes and surveys do not only promote interactivity and increase brand awareness, but they also can be tools for businesses to gather data on what their consumers think. Giving them a chance to interact builds a sense of trust, allowing your brand to reflect the image of being dependable and being someone they can confide in.


Side product marketing

The most advanced and risky type of content marketing, side product marketing is when you create a new product/service that is an extension or at least somehow related to your original offering.


Businesses do this to cater to their target market’s other needs, that the main product/service is not able to meet on its own. As Copyblogger puts it, the Golden Rule of online marketing is to “give something valuable away in order to sell something related.”


Side product marketing can be expensive and may take a while to implement, but the results are excellent. It increases the brand popularity, website visitors, and garners sales at the same time.


Why invest in content marketing strategies?

SEO purposes

Search engine optimization (SEO) is one of the techniques that make web pages searchable and rank well in search engines. It helps customers easily discover your website. With content marketing, particularly blogs, incorporating SEO will come easy by writing an organic, informative article that targets long-tail and relevant keywords. Optimized websites with relevant and engaging content that come in different types of medium (images, videos, etc.) also rank higher.



Content marketing help in attracting links and generate leads, opening opportunities for a wider network of potential markets and business partnerships. In return, having a large network gives websites the advantage of having other websites acknowledge them and gain external links which can improve search engine ranking.


Multi-purpose content

Content marketing means building content that is published not only on the website, but also on other platforms such as social media, newsletters, and other digital and even print media. Imagine how far and wide your content will reach when disseminated via these platforms. Having an active social media presence is also an easy way to promote your brand and your digital space.


Content marketing isn’t just producing articles and contents for a target audience. It is an introduction to the brand and when you’re launching something, everything matters. As the old saying goes, “first impression lasts.” And with every new visitor, your brand should always exude its message and what it stands for.


Choose the strategy that perfectly suits your brand. Take calculated risks and identify what your brand’s core is and how you will relate it to your audience.


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