Five 404 Error Page Design Inspirations

When it comes to designing a website, the 404 error page may not be the first thing that you have in mind, but it is something that you eventually have to work on. So, whether your website’s goal is to expand your reach or to simply make an online presence, making a stunning 404 error page is an important part of the process.


To give you an idea of what makes up an excellent error page and why it is so important, we’ve rounded up a few examples to inspire you when creating your own. But first, we look into the reason why users are sometimes led to a 404 error page when going through your website. To put it simply, when users click on broken links or find themselves in a page that no longer exists, the 404 page tells them so. Thus, to keep your users from being frustrated whenever they encounter this page, some quirky ideas ought to keep them on your page for a longer time. With well thought of design, they may even find encountering your error page as a pleasing experience.


1. Get the user back on track

Well, you don’t really have to point out that your users have reached a dead end, but letting them know and giving them options to get them back on track is an excellent idea. Linking them back home or to the help center is the most common approach.

2. Add some movement

But, of course, entertaining them with moving images or graphics could help lighten the mood, don’t you think?

3. Keep it interesting with illustration and colors

A colorful 404 page can make your users feel at ease and even delighted. Consider trying it out.

4. Clear and concise

Not a lot of words are needed to let your users know what’s going on, so choose your words nicely and keep it concise.

5. Lighthearted humor

Adding humor can make your users crack a smile instead of getting irritated. Check out this witty 404 error page from Pixar.

In addition to the list, MicroCreatives’ website also has its own witty 404 error page. As each of our creative staff members is represented by chibi monsters on the website, we played on the same idea to create an adorable 404 error page. (Too adorable that we ate the page, whoops!)

MicroCreatives 404 error page


What do you think? Were these able to help you come up with better ideas on how you can make your 404 error page even more interesting? Reach out to the monsters of MicroCreatives and we can help give not just your 404 error page but your entire website an awesome twist. Contact us to know more about our services.