4 Nature-Inspired Color Palettes for Designers

It is undeniable that Mother Nature is the greatest artist. Her ability to create visually stunning landscapes and picturesque scenes is absolutely incredible and seemingly effortless. They have inspired countless paintings, poems, songs, and stories, and continue to inspire artists everywhere.


Nature has the ability to mix colors and textures to create something beautiful. From the colors of a rabbit’s fur to the burst of yellow and red during sunset, every single detail looks well-thought out. Although graphic designing is a modern form of art, designers can definitely still learn a thing or two from Mother Nature.


In fact, here are a few nature-inspired palettes, featured by Design Seeds, you might want to consider using for your next project!


Parrot Palette

Parrot Color Palette

Parrots, the famous gabby birds, are easily identifiable by their beak and color. While many people generally see parrots as green birds, parrots actually do not have green pigments! They only have red and yellow pigments. The green color is the result of the Tyndall Effect, which creates an illusion of colors.


Beach Palette

Beach Color Palette

Who DOESN’T love to be reminded of the sea? The turquoise waters and pale cream sand only reminds us of holiday getaways and relaxation.


Arizona Palette

Arizona Color Palette

It looks like a painting, doesn’t it? This palette is actually influenced by The Wave, a sandstone rock formation located near the Arizona-Utah border. The formation is popular amongst both hikers and photographers. It can also be used as a color palette for designers!


Apple Palette

Apple Color Palette

Even this close-up photo of an apple is enough to give us great color combinations. While the average person only sees apples as red or green, a designer sees inspiration.


Some people find looking for the perfect color palette difficult, but it’s all in a matter of knowing where to find inspiration. Get out of the office every once in a while and look at the beauty of nature instead. You’re bound to find something!