A Few Pointers when Creating Your Brand as a Designer

As designers, we should take into consideration the importance of branding to our own business. Branding is probably one of the most important elements of establishing an identity, particularly in the advertising and creative design scene. It is what keeps everything together, as it is a certain concept that makes a product or in this scenario, a service, stand out. Good branding in particular will be remembered and received well, so it is but natural that it is one of the hardest things to formulate. Since it should be compact, concise, but still creative, designers are now faced with the dilemma. That is why for this post, we have created a list of Q&As on branding for the newbie designer, so that he or she will be guided into creating *the best* possible brands for themselves and for their clients.


Q: Is branding really important?  

A: OF COURSE! Branding is the blood of a service or a product. It is what highlights a certain item, and what introduces our business to our prospective clients.


Q: How will I create a powerful or noteworthy branding for myself?  

A: Before even thinking of sketching a logo or writing a copy of your services, do make sure where your strengths lie. Define what makes you stand out. Say, if you’re a designer with a start-up business, take a moment to think of your strengths as a designer. Are you good with a certain period of art (contemporary, classics, etc.)? Are you good with creating banners? Are you an animator? Are you keen on logo creation? Are you in to mobile app designing? Once you’ve answered these, it will determine the characteristics of the brand, and then it will be easier to whip up a logo and a copy.


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Q: What if I want to change my brand/ing?  

A: We highly suggest that before you release your brand to the public, make sure that it is what really makes you, well, you. This is important especially if it is your first launch. Changing the brand may only happen (or at least be allowed to happen) if a.) you are marking a change of era, you’ve been in the business for a long time that people actually remember you even if you change your image and branding, and you are adapting to the change of times, and b.) if you are planning on taking down the brand or the product to create a new one. Both drastic, but that is just the way to do things. That is why, do be sure to create a brand that will define you and your services, and your products as such – that will stand for longer periods of time.


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Q: What are simple and efficient ways to keep my brand’s presence?  

A: Once you have defined your branding and you have launched it, make sure to maintain its prominence by launching an effective marketing campaign. For starters that would want to cut on cost, an online marketing campaign is really the best way to go nowadays. From the official website, social media, search engine optimization, online ads, and others, make your brand known by working on these cheap yet hard-hitting campaigns. If you’re on the business for the longer run, always refresh and refine your 360-campaign that (if possible) encompasses traditional and alternative media advertising.


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