5 More Minutes… Just 5 More Minutes: Knowing Your Alarm Clock Personality

Ever wonder why no matter how much of a good night’s sleep you get…you still have trouble dragging your weary self out of bed? Do you consider the snooze button as the world’s greatest invention? If you live on a farm, do you throw your socks or shoes at the rooster crowing out your window? Do you bury yourself under the sheets and pillows as the bell tolls? Even if it tolls for no one?

Alarms clocks in one form or another, have always been around. These dastardly things slice through our slumber, yet they get us up and ready to go – fostering a “love-hate” relationship. But not everyone feels the same way towards their alarm clocks. That’s why the team over at OnlineClock.net came up with “What O’clock Are You?” – a fun infographic presenting a dozen ‘alarm clock personalities’, each with a fun fact about waking up or sleeping.
What O'Clock Are You Header
We have the “Chubby Undersleeper” – who knew that getting less than 5 hours of sleep a night can result in 6% higher calorie intake a day?

Then, there’s also an entire generation of “Mobile Phone Addicts” – a whopping 83% of all 18-29 year olds who use their mobile phone as an alarm clock. And of course, there will always be an “Overachiever” – 24%of people who wake up before their alarm even goes off.

This quirky infographic is sure to bring a smile to your face along with an “Aha I thought so!” moment, especially if you can identify with these types. Go ahead and scroll down to view the infographic to learn more about the other personalities.
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Come back to us and let us know exactly what o’clock are you