Leave Your Mark! Effectively Branding Yourself

“Just do it.”   Did you just have a mental picture of a white check mark? Well in that case, it may be one of the works of an effective logo design.

Logo Designs play a huge part in determining the identity of your company, so it is only suitable to put a lot of thought in how you would want to be represented and what kind of way you would want to brand yourself.

Effective Branding Header

In creating a logo, it is always important to create a “recall”. Just like in this example, Ruff Club’s logo made a “cross bone” recall. It is what makes you instantly think of the brand Ruff Club. Same goes for the famous “3 stripes” of Adidas and “check mark”  of Nike.

Effective Branding Image 1

The real challenge in Logo Design is how you’re going to make a distinct logo for your Company. You have to carefully consider the smallest of details such as the types of color you’re going to use because, most of the time, it’s going to be the same colors you’re going to use for as long as your brand stands. Think for example, McDonald’s use of red and yellow colors in its logo, the pantone code for its logo is also the same pantone code they use for all their packaging materials.

Effective Branding Image 2


Typeface is also another essential component to consider. If for example, you’re a minimalist designer and you want that to reflect in your brand, there is a greater possibility for you to use Helvetica as your font rather than say, script.


Effective Branding Image 3


The logo in itself is also important. Being well-researched on the brand, the meaning of the logo can make for the overall identity of your Company. It is a must to examine the small details and make them count because in the end, they make up for the big things. Leave your mark! You don’t know how your logos can affect the world.