5 Ways to Bust Out of Your Creative Rut

Have you ever spaced out, staring at the computer screen while you struggle to jam ideas into your head? Sometimes, you run into a dead end and the computer eventually wins that staring contest. Here are some ways to jumpstart your creativity and reach that deadline.




  • Get up and get out!

    Sometimes, all you really need is a break. Take a walk outside your office for a few minutes, or look out your office window. You can also get up and get out mentally by opening a new browser tab or window and give your brain a break. Take time to visit social media sites or sites that give you inspiration, just enough to get your creative juices flowing and get back in the game.Everyone needs a break. When your mind hits a roadblock, go ahead and take it. A few minutes will go a long way.

  • Find a different angle

    When you’re stuck in the middle of creating something, whether it be writing an article or designing a website, have someone take a look at your work. Ask for suggestions; you don’t have to follow them if you don’t want to, but having a fresh set of eyes can change your perspective and give you many ideas.

  • Give yourself a deadline

    Sometimes, giving yourself a deadline or a time frame helps you focus. Also, saying it out loud will make you work faster. For example, you could tell your boss that you’ve set a deadline for yourself. There’s nothing that induces panic like knowing that someone is waiting for your output.

  • Make a mess

    Falling into a rut can mean you have so many ideas but you stop yourself because you think it isn’t going to work. Avoid falling into that pit. Add whatever you think of, and if it really doesn’t work, delete it. Eventually, you’ll randomly come up with something that actually works.

  • Pace yourself

    Another reason for that feeling of being stuck that you just don’t want to do the task at hand. So for now, don’t do it. Do something else on your list, but be sure to still be able to cross out that task at the end of the day. You never know, while doing something else, maybe you’ll actually think of an idea for the project you were stuck with.

Falling into a creative rut consumes a lot of time and brain power and it’s best to get out of it fast. Do you have any other tips for breaking out of a creative rut?