How Punctuation Makes a Difference

There are three types of people on the Internet: the grammar Nazis, those who choose to forgo any sort of punctuation on purpose (looking at you, Tumblr users), and those who really have no idea what they’re doing. Some of the people who really have no idea what they’re doing do not really care either. We can’t blame them; it’s not necessary to be too formal or technical online. However, using proper punctuation, on many occasions, is essential to avoid little to unbelievably ridiculous misunderstandings. Punctuation matters so much more than many people think.


The question is, do these mistakes really happen in real life? Furthermore, do they really matter? The answer is yes. YES. Absolutely. Let us show you a few examples.

One comma makes a world of difference. Perhaps this is how the community in Terminus in The Walking Dead turned to cannibalism: fear, hunger, and lack of punctuation.



Here’s another prime example showing the importance of the comma. There’s a difference between “I fed my sisters, Diane and Jessica.” and “I fed my sisters Diane and Jessica.” In the first sentence, the person speaking has two sisters named Diane and Jessica, whom she fed. In the second sentence, she fed her sisters two people named Diane and Jessica. In the image above, the first sentence involved four people, while in the second sentence, JFK and Stalin are strippers.



Seal hunting, which normally involves clubbing baby seals, is clearly a serious topic. However, one must be careful to keep your public service announcement from becoming a laughing matter by using proper punctuation. If you must voice out your stand against seal hunting, make sure you don’t keep the baby seals from partying.