6 Design Tumblr Blogs to Follow

Tumblr started off as a social networking site and microblogging platform where users can post different types of multimedia. People could share text, graphics, photos, audio files, and videos, to express and share thoughts, ideas, feelings, and even just random things. The identity of the users in the real world didn’t matter as much as the representations of pieces of themselves posted on their Tumblr blogs.


Because Tumblr offers so much creative freedom, at least compared to other social networking sites, it also became a platform for many artists and designers. Here are a few great Tumblr blogs worth the follow:



The Design Traveller


the design traveller

The Design Traveller posts interior design, furniture design, and product design.






As one can tell just from the name, Gurafiku features Japanese graphic designs. To be more specific, the blog is a collection of visual research that focuses on the history of graphic design in Japan.



Inspire my Web



Inspire my Web is arguably one of the best Tumblr blogs for designers, providing inspiration, tutorials, and resources for web designers and developers.



Design Clever



Design Clever was created by two aspiring Graphic Designers to showcase other talented designers all over the world and their works. In addition to posting inspiring designs, it also accepts contributions from Designers who would like to submit their work to be featured.



The Design Blog



The Design Blog’s motto says it all – “Don’t just BE a designer – be a GOOD one.” The blog was founded by a Croatian based designer and features carefully picked high quality works of designers and design studios from all over the world. Its main focus, however, is to put the spotlight on works by young designers and students.






Coverjunkie focuses on celebrating creative magazine covers.


These six blogs not only feature and celebrate amazing works and artists for all to see, but it also provides many designers, both old and new, motivation and inspiration. Even the best could benefit from scrolling through the posts to discover different takes on things and for new ideas.