Design Trends 2015: Learn What Can Make or Break Your Website!

Design Trends 2015: Learn What Can Make or Break Your Website!


We all know that the only thing constant in life is change, and design trends follow this idea. The dictionary defines a trend as the general direction in which something develops or changes. Now that 2014 is out of the window, it’s time to review the trends that dominated last year to see which ones should leave and which ones should stay. In a nutshell, 2014 saw some high-quality and elegant designs. There was a big chunk of companies and brands that used huge imagery with eye-catching typography and that seemed to work for most websites. For the rest of 2015, what are the great trends that should be followed?


Trends that Should Continue Include:


  1. Bold and Beautiful Images – the big and high-quality imagery used with websites in the 2014 will continue to dominate websites. Attention-grabbing images will continue to be a hit even in 2015, with the help of many stock image sites.
  2. Semi-Flat Designs with Enriched Visual Experiences – the flat design has dominated the past year or so. In 2015, flat designs with various real-world enhancements, along with a more intimate approach to visuals, will take the cake.
  3. Improved Typography – typically, designs are incorporated with eye-catching and flattering typography that create a better visual experience. Effective typography adds impact to bold statements.


Trends Predicted to Mold the Rest of 2015 Include:


  1. Magical Realism – refers to photo or image manipulation that borders between reality and imagination. It is among the predicted trends that will make its way into this year’s designs.
  2. Hand-Drawn Illustrations – might be considered by some as a step back, but the unique hand-drawn illustrations we all started on is among the trends predicted to make it big this year, especially when coupled with strong fonts and complementing colors.
  3. Background Videos and Cinemagraphs – websites will adopt video backgrounds since broadband speeds have been constantly increasing, while cinemagraphs on the other hand will also be used quite a lot. 2015 calls for more interaction, the videos and the more refined and classier version of the GIFs will both provide a richer experience for everyone.


Following trends or not, what matters is everyone still appreciates a little individualism, when coupled with hard work!