A Hexagonal and Tasteful Egg Container that Unfurls Gracefully

Hexagonal Egg Container-Closed image


In 1911, Joseph Coyle, a newspaper editor based in British Columbia, devised the generic egg carton design we still see today. Coyle came up with this staple grocery store item to ensure that eggs delivered from farmers remained whole and unbroken.

Coyle’s generic egg carton design has remained the same for as long as shoppers can remember; however, the recent boom in design has encouraged the creation of various blueprints that are fun yet functional.


Portugese design student Gil Rodrigues came up with an aesthetically pleasing design after receiving an assignment wherein his class had to come up with an idea for affordable packaging that will be used to safely store eggs.

Rodrigues crafted a minimalist package that is hexagonal in shape to help keep the eggs in place- his design also unfurls in an aesthetically pleasing way when one needs to get to the eggs.

The most unique and creative feature of this project is the fact that Rodrigues did not use glue- instead of using adhesives, he cut grooves in the material for the packaging that also helped secure the eggs inside it.


More of his design can be seen below:


Hexagonal Egg Container- Unfurled image

An image of Rodrigues’ design, showing the grooves for the slots on the packaging.


Hexagonal Egg Container-Unfurled 2 image

A full view of the opened hexagonal package by Rodrigues.


Package Grooves image

A close-up view of the grooves in the packaging for Rodrigues’ hexagonal egg container.