Bring Stories to Life with 3D Printing!

What would you do if you could bring your favorite fictional characters to life? Although not exactly alive and moving, wouldn’t it be just as phenomenal to have the characters in your hands? Playing with the 3D printing concept, product designer Carla Diana made a “different” yet awe-inspiring and educational book which lets its young readers learn more about 3D-printing and how it works, in a light, child-friendly and exciting way.

Leo the Maker Prince image

With this ingenious process, the book titled Leo The Maker Prince – Journeys in 3D Printing, tells a story about Carla, a girl who is currently an accountant but aims to be an artist who then meets Leo, a 3D printing robot.

3D printing is a process which lets you make a three-dimensional, solid object of any shape and/or size directly from a digital blueprint. Although it has been around since the mid 80’s, the 3D printing process is now used beyond prototyping and the industrial level as it has gone mainstream with 3D printers available for use at home or anywhere you prefer.

You may think that the book isn’t any special but when you learn about what it lets its readers do, you will be blown away and think, why didn’t I come up with that first?

One of the main 3D printer manufacturers makerbot, has a website calledThingiverse which lets third party users upload and download 3D patterns of anything and everything they can or are attracted to. The book Leo The Maker Prince, makes use of the website’s ingenuity and lets its readers download characters and objects present in the book to print into a tangible and playable piece with the help of a 3D-printer at home or through a 3D printing service.

Carla image

Sample 3d Printed Toy image

The printed ‘toys’ are made out of specially engineered composite material which can start out as a powder and as a binder material gets added it solidifies the powder particles together and/or filaments and plastic to form the shape of choice. It’s literally the sky’s the limit with this versatile piece of equipment.

3d Printed Toy 2 image

Have you thought of the wonderful things you can do with a 3D printer?