Looking for Fonts? Look no more – Top Fonts of 2013

Can you imagine how boring a pamphlet, a brochure, or a magazine is if it had to work with only one typeface? It would seem flat, boring, and won’t engage its readers.


2013 Fonts image


In digital typography, a font is almost the same thing as a typeface. This justifying the usage which occurs when for example, the Helvetica typeface which includes Helvetica light, Helvetica regular, Helvetica bold, and Helvetica black, is referred to as a font for one of the mentioned fonts, or for the whole Helvetica typeface.

But, what’s all this talk about fonts? Well, its just the time to show the best of the best fonts for 2013, that’s what! The list consists of free fonts discovered over the past 12 months of 2013, the ones which stood out among the rest.


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Fonts that dominated that 2013:


  • Airbag – is a full uppercase slab serif typeface, which was made perfect for headlines, stylish and clean, it works great at larger sizes and display.


  • Aleo – is a contemporary slab serif typeface designed with semi-rounded, sleek details.


  • Anson – is a sans serif typeface, simple and straight to the point, clear font.


  • Dense Regular – is a part of the Dense typeface which comes in thin, regular and bold.


  • Fénix – is a serif typeface with foundations based on calligraphy and strong serifs with rough stokes. It is elegant and was designed for displays, long texts, etc.


  • Hapna Mono – is a monospaced serif, and is both contemporary and geometric.


  • Langdon – is a solid, uppercase only typeface, with lowercase characters differentiated by a block effect.


  • Norwester – condensed sans serif with uppercase and small caps letters, numbers and symbols.


  • Sabado – is a sans serif/display typeface which was inspired by modern swiss typefaces.


  • Savu Condensed – is a hand-lettering font, available in four styles, such as regular, bold, condensed, and condensed bold, designed and recommended for use as a display typeface.


  • Track Type – is an all caps, letter only font which is inspired by railways, and is available in two styles, medium and slanted.


  • V.GER Grotesque – was a student project, created from scratch.


Pick out the ones that work for you!