A Look Inside the Pantone Color Factory

Many designers and other creative artists around the world, including our team at MicroCreatives, rely on the Pantone color guide. In fact, the Pantone color system has been the standard language for selection and accurate communication of colors across different industries, used not only by creatives, but also by manufacturers and retailers, and even consumers.


Not everyone has the ability to recognize and differentiate colors as accurately as the Pantone color guide does, that even a slight tinge can produce a different color. With this in mind, do you ever wonder how Pantone produces their colors?


Digital news outlet Quartz takes us on a tour inside Pantone’s color factory through a short video that provides a sneak peek on Pantone’s ink production. The video also reveals that all the technicians here should have na ear-perfect color vision and that the employees undergo various processes, including a yearly color exam, to ensure that they can accurately identify all the color distinctions.


Watch the video below:


Welcome to the Pantone color factory, where the world gets its colors. All its workers have near-perfect color vision and can see color distinctions we can’t.

Posted by Quartz on Wednesday, 16 December 2015