Harness the Power of Logos and Branding

Having a solid branding and identity design is vital since consumers are now more cautious and are spending more time researching behind a brand to make more educated decisions towards their purchases. Branding is more on communication aside from the typical or “old-fashioned” approach of jingles, eye-catching packaging, and more. With a solid brand identity, a company can show or build how it looks while focusing on aims, principles, and values.


In a personal project created by brand identity developer Pedro Almeida from Lisbon, Portugal via Behance, he has shown the importance of visual communication and logo and brand identity by showcasing the main colors and unique traits (mostly lines and shapes) of logos. Well-known brands such as McDonald’s, Twitter, Coca-Cola, BMW, Playboy, Apple, Pizza Hut, Youtube, FedEx, to name a few, found under various business categories, are shown in all their “minimalistic” glory!


McDonalds Logo


Twitter logo


Apple logo

Check out Almeida’s complete collection.


With a great branding and identity strategy down pat, brands can create more relevant customer relationships rather than be driven by user numbers. Happy customers will then translate to returning customers that help with getting the brand known via word of mouth.


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