A Support System

Do you have a day job that requires you to sit for 8 hours a day? If so, working must feel like a bore, sitting in through the day and just waiting for it to end all the while doing your job. What about the complete opposite say for example a day job that requires you to stand up? That sounds torture, and a literal pain in the bum. A job alone eats up your time and attention already, and having had to stand up eats up all your energy as well.

Luckily for those out there, an invention called the Chairless Chair enables its users to divert their body weight towards the device, enabling their leg muscles to rest even while standing up. The chair acts as an exoskeleton that can be worn from the waist downwards, and allows users to walk or run with it as they do their rounds. To activate the device, you have to bend your knees in order to activate the damper attached to the device, which acts as a support to the body weight. What’s great about this device is that it helps users maintain a good posture.

Chairless Chair

The device is created by a Zurich-based startup noonee.

So much wonder for this new device, which is built on a systematic manner in an intricate and well-laded design. This is perhaps the vital part when it comes to building a system that integrates the parts of the whole and enables it to function properly. Coordination and cooperation are working seamlessly together to produce quality and outstanding results. People who are in need to constantly stand up can work with ease.

This is perhaps the greatest asset and promise any company likes to deliver. Reliable service to keep users satisfied. Now, who says that people who are sitting their asses of don’t work as hard as those people standing up? People with a regular desk job may look like doing a clerical, robotic job. But really, they are a group of support system that enables smooth flow and transition of any work that needs to be done.