The Alternate Ego of Copywriting

“Are you writing enough?”

Ask any copywriter with this question and they will retort with a quick comeback. Or if not, they will look at you in the face, point-blank.

Sure, we, copywriters, may be self-declared wordsmiths. Writing spontaneously, giving out ideas infused with words and wit out there in the battlefield is what we are supposed to do best. However, when all words fail to drop magically like teardrops from our eyes, that’s where the magic dissolves into our another altenate dimension.

In our alternate universe, however, we are not just wordsmiths. We can be super heroes with ultra mega super powers, or millionaires living a carefree, luxurious lifestyle, travellers bitten by the wanderlust notion, lost souls searching for our own soul mate in this wild world. The possibilities of our differing persona are infinite and endless.

This is perhaps the greatest possession that every copywriter should be armed with apart from a good grasp of lexicon: imagination. The collision of ideas and words is reminiscent to that of a man and a woman’s union. Imagine the collision growing bigger and bigger, like that of a woman’s womb; round, ripe, and soon ready to rumble as every minute goes by. And with each passing moment, more details are being inputted, signifying the life of another great big thing which resulted from fleeting moments of our momentary escape from toiling down words into paper.

So the next time you ask a copywriter that question, think again. The moment you see their blank expressions, be prepared for they are just lost in their own thoughts, letting their thought bubble grow bigger. The question should be rephrased instead with “are you imagining enough?”

So as you can see, we copywriters, are playing while at work, and working while at play. Toying with words, generating ideas, and communicating the message across to audiences is really no easy feat. We make and generate ideas, and we  sell them. So pardon our moments of staring at blank spaces. Because really, inside our minds, we are brewing the the greatest story that is yet to to happen.