Aesthetical, Innovative, and Well-Designed Landing Pages

First impressions, while not always permanent, make up a big part of how people react to landing page designs. If its gaudy and cheesy, potential customers will certainly doubt whether they’re at the right page.

As a startup, it is important to have the best-designed landing pages to convince people to choose your services. Aside from educating visitors about your product, generating excitement for that product and having a fully-formed next step, there are other factors to consider.

With a well-laid out design, the above points will be conveyed more compellingly, while a visually appealing adds both professionalism and a positive spin on the product. Keep in mind that a product, no matter how flawless, needs a landing page that is optimized to reach as many visitors as possible.

Dan Robinson of Web Design Ledger (WDL) put together a collection of some of the best landing page designs. The following united a clever design, a straightforward call-to-action, and copy that piques interest and generates excitement.


  • Charbeat

Chartbeat image

Chartbeat, a real time analytics product, enables website owners to monitor the traffic, along with what visitors are doing, as they visit their site. This landing page is wonderfully designed, using an engaging copy- all offered via parallax scrolling and ingenious animations


  • Instapaper

Instapaper image

Instapaper is a cleverly-designed app that lets you keep track of websites that you wish to read later. The over-all design of the landing page reflects the app design- it is straightforward and minimalist, making it easy to read. It also utilizes white space to declutter while only showing you the information you wish to peruse.


  • Coin

Coin Image

Coin is a new startup that aims to eliminate the need for credit cards and store cards with the help of an electronic card that can store all of the needed information. Their landing page highlights their promotional video- helping to relate the idea while also incorporating various animations tied to the scroll function which helps present the product through a clever and understandable way.


  • Harvest

Harvest image

Harvest is a time tracking tool created for businesses and freelancers. Their landing page highlights a breakdown of the tool’s functions- all separated via white-space that results in a neat and calm effect. The copy is both brief and instructional, and the page perfectly displays the interface of the product.



  • Squarespace Apps


Squarespace Apps image


Squarespace, a website publishing platform, advertised a suite of mobile apps that aims to streamline blogging, publishing and analyzing your Squarespace site. The landing page for the mobile apps is minimalist, with an emphasis on the visual aesthetic of the marketing page.

  • Simple

Simple intends to act as a substitute for your bank by offering a Visa card that connects with its software. It keeps track of your purchases, provides suggestions on how to save and proffers various software-based features. The service landing page clearly highlights the benefits of using the service while utilizing a simple and informative design.

  • Plentific

Plentific is a useful service for people looking to buy homes by offering helpful advice, tips and financial tools. The landing page utilizes attention-catching and bold imagery- scrolling down reveals the helpful information that is wonderfully presented.


  • Thinglist

Thinglist is a creative tale on a to-do list- revamping your chores as a “want to-do” list. Produced by the team at Elepath, Thinglist’s landing page is minimalist but comes with a bright and colourful visual style that pops out from its dark background.


  • Amp

Amp is a tool designed to help musicians create their own websites- without relying on coding. Amp has pulled off a landing page that is solely black and white that results in a minimalist and tasteful design that is beautiful.


  • Readymag

Readymag is a drag-and-drop website creator that makes creating microsites and online magazines effortless. The landing page uses a flat design aesthetic and bold typography, along with a colorful palette.


  • Droplr

Drply is a file sharing tool created for businesses, similar to Dropbox. It ensures that storing and sharing files across a company is streamlined and secure. The landing page adds personality to the site by using an illustration creatively.


  • Exposure

Exposure, also created by the Elepath team, is a tool created for photographers- helping them display their work as if through a blog post. All their photographs are shown in a cohesive way, as is telling a story. The landing page for the product utilizes white-space to seperate each element- ending with a simple and elegant look.

  • Sketch

Sketch is a vector graphics tool that is steadily gaining on Illustrator and Photoshop. Although its landing page is a bit more cluttered that the example given above, the service takes advantage of their software- going through it via detailed examples with the end result of a well-designed and informative marketing site.


  • AppDock

AppDock is a pending App marketplace, built for developers. The landing page features a unique and fun style that makes use of illustrations, making it memorable.



  • Marquee

Marquee is a publishing platform created with artists, writers and bloggers in mind, aiming to make it effortless o access their content live. The landing page utilizes an elegant and simple style that is straightforward- launching a fast-loading product demo right away, resulting in an appealing display that is also informative.