Christmas Shoppers Receives a Helpful Gift from Coca-Cola Billboards: Free Wrapping Paper!

Whenever your receive Christmas gifts, you always spend a certain amount of time staring at them to admire the wrapping and, well, to guess what the contents might be. There are also all sorts of gift wrapping paper to choose from- minimalist, cutesy and adorable, or sophisticated and elegant.

Flashy designs might be the best for young children with their shorter attention spans, while the wrapping paper you give to your older friends and family members can vary depending on their personality and interests.

Happy Shoppers Image


Coca-cola decided to help shoppers while also giving them a wonderful surprise last Christmas- free wrapping paper dispensed from their billboards! This fun and pleasant treat followed Coca-Cola’s attempts to encourage shoppers in Milan to share cab rides together.


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Coca-Cola’s newest addition to it’s ‘Happiness’ campaign helped shoppers with their Christmas shopping by handing out free wrapping paper in Belgium.


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Duval Guillaume, head of a creative agency, partnered with Coca-Cola to help create the billboards that also doubled as dispensers for the festive and holiday-themed wrapping paper. The dispensers were installed in shopping malls all over the country right before Christmas.


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Delighted shoppers were all excited to get their own Coca-Cola themed wrapping paper- everyone was all smiles, indicating that this ‘Happiness’ campaign entry was a fantastic success.


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