Amazing CSS Examples for Your Website

The power of CSS includes controlling the layout of multiple web pages all at once. It also provides freedom to web designers and web developers to make websites become more interactive and consist of good typography and smooth animation, especially now that the latest versions of most web browsers support the latest CSS3 properties. The top priority of CSS is to allow web pages to provide great experience for users. Appearance and navigation should both be user-friendly. If amazing experience comes with appealing visuals and features, then your website is a great example of making the most out of CSS.


If you are brainstorming for web design inspiration for your new website, it can be hard to look for websites that have good UI and UX at the same time.


Here are 10 of some of the exceptional web design examples that put CSS to good use.


96 Elephants

96 elephants website

96 Elephants is a campaign by the Wildlife Conservation Society, aiming to protect African Elephants. Created by US-based Viget Labs, the website features an educational narrative told through a series of single-page chapters that detail efforts of trying to end all acts of illegal elephant hunting primarily for their ivory tusks. The organization helps by spreading awareness and collecting donations for the cause, among other initiatives. As for the web page, it has a responsive magazine-like layout made with full page photography.



A&W website

This page was done by Cornett IMS for the A&W brand. The CSS rotation within the website has a print menu feel yet still features customized, enjoyable design.



BucketListly website

BucketListly was built using Ruby on Rails together with HTML5, SCSS, CoffeeScript, and jQuery. Through the website, travelers, and adventurers, or anyone who has a lot on their bucket lists can share stories through the platform with friends on the site as well as other social media websites.



Envoy website

Envoy features a simple yet elegant iPad-based interface that collects names, captures signatures, and prints visitor badges. The app’s website showcases an interactive demo on how the app works on an iPad, using CSS transitions.


Form Follows Function

Form Follows Function website

An experiment by Korean developer Jongmin Kim, the interactive web page utilizes HTML5 and CSS perfectly. The page truly embodies its name, Form Follows Function, with its minimalist style and smooth interactivity.


Future of Car Sharing

Future of Car Sharing website

Most web pages today make use of the vertical scrolling single-page trend. But with Future of Car Sharing, the interactive infographic is laid out on a horizontal scrolling web page, which is just appropriate to exhibit the moving car animation.



MoreSleep website

The website makes use of CSS transitions to make the navigation between pages and content as smooth as possible. The creative agency’s website features large fonts, neat scrolling effects and a contrasting color scheme with a darker background with red highlights.


Nolowene Nowak

Nolowene Nowak's website

The portfolio website of designer and illustrator Nolowene Nowak was developed by Christophe Dumont. The page layout is very CSS-driven, and goes from horizontal to vertical depending on the size of the screen. What makes this responsive design stand out is that it also exudes Nowak’s personality and features simple yet interactive elements.


Thankful Registry

Thankful Registry website

Thankful Registry gains a spot on the list for its stunningly pristine and creative page by Crush + Lovely. The creators wanted the CSS to be as great as the design and that’s what the users get through the carefully planned SCSS structure of the web page.


Type Terms

Type Terms website

This animated typographic cheat sheet by Supremo offers exciting online information on typography terms, using SVG and CSS animation. Compared to other typographic cheat sheets found online, Type Terms provides a more interactive experience, allowing for more effective learning.


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