Chrome Extensions for Web Developers

An integral part of the web development process is to ensure that the website works well across all browsers. To help web developers have a smoother and simpler workflow, most web browsers offer web developer tools and numerous extensions. But most of the time, the web developer works on a single web browser, usually Google Chrome. This makes sense since Google Chrome is the most used web browser.


For this article, let’s focus on Google Chrome and 10 of the most useful extensions it has for web developers.


Accessibility Developer Tools

Check your website’s accessibility through the Accessibility Developer Tools extension. This extension lets you run an accessibility audit on a web page.


CDN Headers & Cookies

CDN Headers & Cookies simply lets users see HTTP headers and cookies in one convenient spot. The extension lets you add, edit, and delete custom request headers and custom cookies, and lets you export request headers and cookies into a CSV file. Additionally, the extension also loads Akamai response headers.


Check My Links

Check My Links is the perfect developer companion if you regularly maintain web pages with a lot of links. This link checker peruses all of the content on the web page and collects all the links after which it will check their validity. Check My Links identifies which link is working and which isn’t.


Chrome MySQL Admin

This extension is ideal for developers who regularly work with databases. Chrome MySQL Admin lets you connect to MySQL server 4.1 or later, MySQL server with SSL, and MySQL server through SSH2 Port forwarding. The extension works by providing the user the administration GUI of MySQL server. Works perfectly and similarly to phpMyAdmin and Sequel Pro, it lets you connect to databases, administer, run queries, create and drop tables to manage MySQL databases.


DevTools Autosave

Never forget to save and never lose data in an event of a browser crash. DevTools Autosave automatically saves changes you made to a web page’s CSS and JS to its source file. This extension also saves you a lot of time. With DevTools Autosave, you don’t have to go through the time-consuming process of copying and pasting the changes into the text editor and uploading to the server.


Grunt Devtools

Add tools for Grunt through this extension. The extension also supports background tasks and allows you to run a variety of tasks for different projects in just one window.


IE Tab

IE Tab is among the top 10 Chrome extensions available since 2009 and it works as an Internet Explorer emulator operated through Chrome. It lets you test pages for new and old versions of Internet Explorer from IE6 to IE9.


JSON Viewer

The JSON Viewer extension prints JSON and JSONP that you can configure any way you want. This extension’s features include collapsible nodes, Scratchpad to type, format, and paste JSON, clickable URLs, and built-in themes, to name a few.



PerfectPixel makes sure that the design perfectly reflects the code. This extension places a semi-transparent overlay on the web page allowing the user to compare the existing with the developed code. While working, the overlay can be separated per site and even saved between sessions.


Refined GitHub

This extension enables users to use GitHub without having to deal with its current slightly challenging user interface. It simplifies the default interface while adding features to make the overall usage easier.


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