Where to Download Stock Videos for Free

Stock images and videos can be used on a variety of pages to improve aesthetic and design. There are a good number of websites that offer free stock photos of various themes, but when in need of free stock videos, where do you go? Here are ten of the best sources of free to use stock videos provided ready for both non-commercial and commercial use. Check the list below.



The website is an online catalog, housing a collection of things from the past. Aptly named ‘Internet Archive’, the website is handled by a non-profit organization and houses a huge collection of photos, music, books, websites, and other archived files, on top of their stock videos.


Clip Canvas

Similar to royalty-free stock photo websites, Clip Canvas is subscription-based. The website currently has 172 free stock video footages that have a duration of 10 to 20 seconds.



The website has a collection of high definition videos of people, technology, animals, architecture, and nature, to name a few. For every 10 days, Distill offers 10 HD videos free for personal and commercial use. The website also allows members to submit their own videos to share to everyone for free.


Life of Vids

Life of Vids offers a great collection of high resolution and high-quality videos that do not require any attribution, although encouraged, and has no copyright restrictions. There are new videos added every week, and anyone can also submit their videos for review by simply uploading their file and filling out the contact form on the website.



Mazwai offers a variety of free stock videos that focus on everyday life. The video clips can be downloaded for free and are exclusively found on the website. Be sure that when you use videos through Mazwai, you include the necessary attributions required by its publishers. Users can also use the built-in video editor that gives you the power to trim down clips to the exact timeframe. There’s no need to download the entire video if you just need parts or snippets from it.



Curated by a community of videographers and editors, Pixabay has a collection of more than 2,000 stock videos that do not require attribution. Users can also submit their own videos through the website.



The website has a jaw-dropping amount of more than 10,000 stock video footages, all free to be used and distributed. Go through the collection and you’ll find both new and old videos, with some videos from 10 or so years ago!


Pexels Videos

Pexels used to only have free high-quality stock images; now there’s Pexels Videos where you can access hundreds of high-quality stock videos for free. You can download an unlimited amount of videos that can be used for personal and commercial purposes, no attribution needed.



Videvo is updated weekly with new free video uploads. You can download videos from a wide range of categories, including timelapse and visual effect backgrounds. However, when downloading stock videos from Videvo, users are prohibited from redistributing the video in its original form. The videos must be edited and manipulated prior to personal or commercial use. Users are also requested to share the page on social media to show support to the website.



Vimeo is popular as somewhat similar to YouTube, where you can find mostly short films and videos by creatives. But there’s also a group in the website that offers HD footages for free download. The group has more than 19,000 members who have uploaded around 255 free HD videos.


With the available sources for free stock videos and stock images, our designers and video editor at MicroCreatives can find the right images and videos and produce the best output that our clients need for their creative requirements.


Reference: Hongkiat