The Rise of Animated Logos

The fast-paced evolution of the design industry is undeniable. With the quality demands for logos constantly changing, the industry is expected to progressively create and keep up with the trends. Among the innovative creations that rose in the design industry is the animation of logos. Once considered as a faux pas, logos that make subtle to grand motions are now seen as a necessity for any brand looking into expanding its reach.


Have you fully grasped the idea as to why animated logos have turned out to become a massive boom? Let us look into what animation and logo are as separate ideas before we view them in conjunction as an important tool in marketing.


Animation, a product of the continuous advancement in technology, is dubbed as an effective tool for visual communication. Unlike static images, an animation makes use of a series of images displayed in rapid succession to mimic and mirror real-world movements. Not only is it a practical way of appealing to a number of groups at once, it is also an efficient way of enhancing a company’s marketing campaign. Now that the age of static and print-focused images has passed, the era of animation takes its place as the most practical way of boosting presence and public recognition in the market.



A logo is known as the heart of a brand’s identity, thus the pressure to have it keep up with the successive changes in the industry is high. Its duty to show a company’s character and bear a message becomes a bigger task with customers becoming more inclined to aesthetically pleasing visuals. The idea of never changing the logo has faded into the background and is now overshadowed by zealous innovations.




At present, having a logo that plays along well with its consumers makes product marketing a more interactive digital experience. Giving its target consumers the chance to engage does not only project what the company wishes them to see, it is also a brand new way of sharing the brand to them. Especially in this age where a number of brands have almost similar logos, an animated version makes them stand out and emphasizes their originality. Other than considering it as an upgrade to the still and “one-size-fits-all” type of logo, it is a popular asset of marketing and is a  revamped brand identity too. With it, establishing their originality enables them to create a distinct mark in the minds of the consumers, relaying the story and the messages that they wish to convey.





As the design and marketing industry persevere to come up with more progressive ideas to increase the relevance and impact that companies wish to imply, the more often will we see the rise of trends and their attempt to cement themselves as a vital part of the consumer’s demands. The evolution of logos to animated ones is just a part of these forward-looking industries.