Animation: Watch Logos Come to Life

Powerful names evoke emotions from us when we read or hear about them. And thanks to art and technology, we can add more brilliance to imagery when they move.


Just as it’s emphasized on this video uploaded by award-winning designer David Brier, people like Beyoncé, Michael Jackson, and Fred Astaire all have movement as an integral component of their identities. In fact, it is proven that motion “generate more interest and engagement than stagnant imagery.” It provides a stronger distinction.


Watch the video below, featuring animated logos and brands compiled from various animators.



It must be noted though that the motion element must be related to what the brand is all about. It should make sense and compliment the imagery, not just move for the sake of it. Also, time is important. The length of the motion should be long enough to adequately communicate the message, but not too much that the motion itself becomes the sole focus.




We usually see logos and brands get animated for video commercials, GIFs and HTML banners, and for TV shows’ and movies’ OBBs and CBBs. But with today’s technology rapidly advancing, it’s not impossible that we will encounter more of these on various media.