4 Tips to Motivate Yourself to Write More

Your thoughts running wild with free-flowing ideas, your hands writing or typing every word swiftly, your adrenaline pumping, and your lips curling into a smile. Doesn’t it feel so good to be able to write with ease and progressively? However, no matter how invigorating it may feel to write when you’re in your best mood, it will not always be like that. There will be days when your motivation seems to have run dry and that your will to even write a single word is impossible to find. At times like this, finding the right way to cope with writer’s block is crucial to overcoming a slump. Have you found the perfect means to pull yourself out from writer’s block?


To release your mind from the cage that keeps it locked, here are a few tips that will not only push you to get back into writing, but will also bring you closer to understanding the ways that you can constantly improve your writing skills as well. After all, it’s not only getting back on track that’s important, knowing how to constantly improve your writing skills matters, too!



One of the most common reasons why writers would fall into a slump is when they find themselves running out of reasons to keep on writing. When you feel that nothing seems to be a good enough reason for you to squeeze any thoughts out of your mind, pause and look back. Go back to the first time that you convinced yourself to start writing. Recall the very first reason why you said yes to writing and what made you push forward. Remind yourself of the deepest reason you ever had that made you pursue your love for the craft. Constantly ask yourself and keep on finding the answers to your ‘whys’. When you find every answer to your questions and find the very reason that made you keep pushing forward, that’s when you start again. Finding your purpose and the will to record every thought that you have will come naturally once you’ve brought yourself back from the dark.



When you’ve run out of ideas or words to start, think of something that you’ve always wondered about. Looking into something that intrigues you would not only help you learn more about it, it could also stir your desire to write and let others know your perspective of it! Having a pen and paper, or just anything where you can jot down ideas that come into mind, is a good idea for you to stock up on topics to look into when your hay days come. Have you been doing this? If you haven’t, it’s never too late to start doing something brand new, right? Constantly find ways to stir your curiosity and seek answers to things that intrigue you. Challenge yourself to take on things that you’ve never tried, even better if it’s something that you’ve just encountered and would love to gain more understanding of. There will always be something good for you to write about, you just need to venture out of your comfort zone to find one.



Life has always been a learning process and reading is one of the best ways to pursue it! You see, it is when you read that you not only catch certain ideas, it is also through reading that you find a source of inspiration and an image of what kind of writer you want to become. Reading allows you to expand your writing prowess with the help of other writers’ work. So, when you’re at your lowest, and you feel like giving up, give yourself a break. Go and grab your favorite writer’s book or a copy of your favorite magazine. It is when you immerse yourself in the work of good writers that you find the motivation to grab that pen and start writing. When you find an image to follow and look up to as you improve your skills, you learn from their works and you strive to improve your own.



When you’re stuck in a rut and feel discouraged to even start, setting a goal could be even more destructive, especially when it seems too far fetched given your current situation. Steer away from setting goals that could potentially heighten the anxiety and pressure than you already feel. Instead of setting out grand goals, try to start with something small. Rather than forcibly telling yourself to finish a whole write-up, for instance, set a goal to write a paragraph. After you accomplish a goal, recognize the effort that you put into fulfilling it. Celebrate every small victory that you have! That way, you not only help yourself slowly move away from the confines of a writer’s block, but you also motivate yourself to write more efficiently along the way, too. 


There is always a way for you to overcome your writing anxieties. The process may be something that you’ve done or something that you are yet to try, so don’t be afraid to take a leap of faith. Whatever approach it is that you take, assure yourself that it will strengthen the skills that you already have and gear you up better to attain your writing goals.