Avoid Web Design Mistakes Usually Made by New Brands

It is common for emerging companies to accidentally compromise the quality of their website while going over production. Most brands forget that now in the digital age, common mistakes in web design can make or break most brands. Web design works with different disciplines and skills required to produce and maintain websites.


Design agencies in the Philippines and worldwide offers web design services that include graphic design, interface design, user experience design, and search engine optimization, among others. Skills and techniques needed to make web design work covers marketing and communication design, layouts, user experience design, quality of code, typography, and graphics.


For new brands establishing their online presence, there are some web design mistakes to watch out for. Some simple web design blunders to evade are:

  • misuse of common templates
  • typography lacking contrast
  • multiple calls to action

Working around these mistakes requires applying a template that doesn’t have to be fully customized to support the brand’s identity; working with even the littlest details such as typography for a better visual experience; along with working to encourage users to stay and explore more of your web page with a de-cluttered user interface, respectively.


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