For Designers: A Daily Curated Site of Color Palette Inspiration

Color schemes are one of the most vital elements in design and inarguably play an important role in influencing a person’s choice. Not only serving a solely aesthetic purpose, colors have psychologically proven effect. There are hues that calm and sooth; some does the opposite, etc.


There’s a wealth of inspiration that artists and designers can draw from. Our design team here in MicroCreatives is well-versed in various color schemes that will suit our client’s business needs. We make use of proper color palettes to function aesthetically and match the nature of the client’s services and/or products, and of course to apply the client’s preferences in a visually pleasing result.


A website called Color Hunt offers a daily curation of color schemes with ranging style and themes – soft, loud, simple, colorful, monochromatic, and so much more. You can choose among new submissions, popular ones, or pick random schemes. It is a great (and quick) way to find color combinations that work well together.


Check more color schemes from their site!

Color Hunt color schemes website

A set of color combinations

Daily curated color schemes